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Despite waking up yesterday with what felt like the beginnings of a cold, I went to Enoshima anyway to see the Annual Mikoshi Festival that takes place each January. I provided all the gory details in my previous writeup on this subject, so Ifll not go into too many of the specifics here.

The waves were a lot larger this year, so they did not carry the Mikoshi too far into the ocean. But, I was able to grab some video of the event this time. Check out the clip here:

High Quality 4:06 (13.4 mb) .wmv file

Low Quality 4:06 (6.9 mb) .wmv file

Warning, I will not be held responsible if you get motion sickness from watching the jittery clips. I was getting jostled around pretty good and it was impossible to hold the camera steady.

It was really crowded around the event, and the only things that helped by get as many keepers as I did are the facts that I was taller than most of the other photographers, and I was wearing waterproof boots so I could walk out into the surf a little ways to get a better angle.

I did have one wave go over my boots and I walked around for the rest of the day a little soggy, but I did get a few shots I am pleased with so it was worth it.

One thing that makes photographing an event like such a challenge is all the other photographers with the same bright idea as me. It is not uncommon for photographers to sometimes outnumber participants at an event like this, and this day was just about that bad.

I know it will always take a certain amount of jostling to get into position at a festival, but one thing I canft stand is when people barge through the crowd with a large shoulder bag on one arm, and a heavy tripod slung around the other. They manage to bang into everyone around them without so much as a gsumimasenh. (Which is exactly the reason I go for a small backpack and if at all possible I leave my tripod at home. If I have to carry a tripod I opt for a small one that fits strapped snuggly below my backpack. This allows me to weave through crowds with ease, and without bumping into anyone. I wish the 2,716 other photographers on the beach yesterday had the same idea as me. I canft remember how many time I was setting up for a shot when some dolt would pass by me and his/her tripod of shoulder bag would catch me, ruining the framing I was setting up. Japanese combat photography at its best.

After the fun and games wrapped up in Enoshima I hopped the Odakyu line for Shinjuku and after a quick lunch of Ramen and Gyoza I made my way over to Odaiba to get some shots of the Rainbow Bridge.

It sure felt good to get out and take some picture again. Itfs been far two long (3-4 weeks I think) since I last went out and spent an entire day on the weekend capturing some light.

Instead of taking pictures, Ifve been spending my weekends either doing family things for the holidays, or working on this second version of Sushicam that will very soon be ready for prime time. Ifve tested out a few of the more popular and well supported Content Management Systems, (Drupal, Mamboserver, and WordPress) checking out the available plug ins for each.
I had almost settled on Drupal, but since the current version is really weak in image handling I had to pass on it. Supposedly the next version of Drupal will be much better at image management, but Ifm ready to make the leap now, so I had to look elsewhere.

Seth and associates has worked up some magic again, and I am now firmly convinced that WordPress 2.0 is the CMS of choice for me to use for the new version of Sushicam.

I’m working on formatting the template now, and as soon as I have something ready I will post a link here so everyone can see what the new Sushcam will look like.

It will take some refinement before it looks and acts the way I would like it to, but overall WordPress 2.0 seems to be very close to perfect, right out of the box.

I’m thinking it will be ready to go by next weekend. (Maybe even sooner)

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  1. January 18, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    Hey Jeff,

    Don’t forget the hacker security stuff!

    My wife picked out her choices of the prints you sent me and we got them framed and mounted the other day… they look great. Her favorites are the ones with bright complimentary colors. One of my favorites is the close-up of the red Japanese lantern. I’ve got a little tea-house I built in my backyard and if I didn’t know better I’d say that picture was taken in my Japanese garden!

    Steve McArthur
    Yokosuka 1969-71

  2. January 18, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    Sorry Jeff, I thought this was a new post, I didn’t realize that it’s over 4 years old!lol

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