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Butt floss appreciation day

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It’s not everday that I find myself squatting down to get a better look at a mans butt. Butt, (pun intended) that is exactly what happened last weekend.

Let me explain…

Each year in the latter half of January there is an event that takes place at Enoshima beach. It seems that everyone knows that I will have some free time on that particular weekend, so they are thoughtful enough to stage quite an extravagant production for my benefit.

Officially it is called Winter Mikoshi Training, and the object of the day is for a bunch of people to get liquored up, stripped down, and then vigorously carry a mikoshi into the freezing ocean waters. And to make it a little more exciting, some people ride along on top of the rails that the mikoshi rests upon. (These are the smart ones of the group since they are the only ones that stay dry during the whole affair.)

Yes, Officially it is called “Winter Mikoshi Training“, but I have a better name for it, namely, “Butt floss and body art appreciation day.” You see, a very colorful minority of the mikoshi carriers are full blown Yakuza, and sport the full body suit of beautiful traditional Japanese Irezumi to prove it. And it really is impressive to think about just how much time, pain, and yen goes into getting a skin like that.

Most had the complete work, but there were a few of the younger ones that had works-in-progress with a lot of traced out designs lacking color.

I’m not sure if I myself would ever get a tattoo, but I can understand why some people do it. You see, it’s not just any man that can strip down to butt floss and have photographers going gaga over him, crouching down for a better angle from the rear. No, it takes a special kind of male body to get me to act in such a manner. (female bodies on the other hand need no other special decoration other than what nature has bestowed upon them…)

Not that it is at all related to todays post, but just tonight I upgraded the hard drive in my MacBook from 80GB to 320 GB. I used some great software called Super Duper, andWOW was it easy to do. Now I have gobs of space to store pictures, movies, and music without having to drag an external hard drive along with me.

And while were on the topic of laptops, what do you think about the MacBook Err, opps, I mean “Air”.

I only say this because in order to squeeze the form factor of this laptop down to that of a few sheets of wet washi paper Apple had to leave out a few “extras” as can best be demonstrated by checking out this link.

But, even though these compromises were made, do I still want one? YES. Will I buy one? In all likelyhood not.

My newly upgraded MacBook is serving me just fine. I don’t carry my MacBook with me very oten so shaving off a couple of pounds from my gear bag does not really do much for me. Although, I would then be able to stack an extra lens or two in place of that 2 pounds of saved weight…


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