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Hackers SUCK

I’m sick and tired of Sushicam.com getting hacked.  The past hack jobs were not too bad, and I was able to recover from them.  But the most recent instance pretty much destroyed everything.  So in an attempt prevent this from happeneing again I have decided to migrate Sushicam to a WordPress.com account.  

I’ll soon be mapping the “Sushicam.com” url to this new “2yen.wordpress.com” account so in the not too distant future if you type in sushicam.com you will be redirected to this site.

Hackers SUCK.  I honestly don’t see how someone could take enjoyment out of destroying somebody elses work like that.  It must be hard to have to go through life filled with so much contempt and hatred for others.

I would say I pity them, but in truth I hate them.    Every hacker on the planet deserves to get cancer and rot.  (And this is not somethig I say lightly, having recently watched a dear friend pass from cancer)

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  1. Steve McA
    October 25, 2008 at 5:20 am

    Hi Jeff,

    Read the comment that I made at sushicam.com. I found your content from Jan 2006. :o)

    Steve McA

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