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Thank you for your support

 Click HERE for todays photos

Thank you to all who have expressed their feelings about the recent hacking here at Sushicam.  

Yes, it does royaly suck, but the viewers here have shown their true quality with your messages of support and offesr to help.  Steve seems to have saved the day (again) and it appears that after a not so small amount of cutting and pasting I should be able to recover nearly every post.  

I’m so happy to know this since this site moreso than alot of others has become quite a close-knit little community and it would be a sad thig to see it’s history evaporate. So please bear with me as I set out on my “cut and paste” campaign to ressurect the past content.

Most of todays photos were taken during last weekends Tokyo Cameras Photo club meetup.  I was shooting with my 5D, 24-105/4 L IS, and Pentax 50/1.2.  And I have really fallen in love with the Pentax.  As of late I’ve gotten myself invested in a lot of manual focus fast 50’ish mm primes. (Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus, Pentax,  Minolta)  And to date I would say that its a toss up between the Pentax 50/1.2 and Minolta Rokkor 58/1.2 as far as my absolute favorite. 

In other camera related news, my trusty Epson R-D1 went on the blink today.  I had slung it over my shoulder as I headed out the door to get a bowl of Ramen for dinner.  I was happily snapping some photos on my way there when suddely the shutter would not cock.  

I’m not sure just how many photos I have taken with the R-D1 over the past 3 years (I need to check my exif data to be sure) but I knew that evetually it would need to be serviced. And I do prefer to get it serviced since even with the Leica M8 now into it’s second itteration, I still feel that the R-D1 is a superior camera which holds true to the classic rangefinder shooting experience.  

The Epson is also A LOT less expensive than the Leica, but even if cost were not a factor I think I would still end up gravitating to the R-D1.   The repair will cost me an extra $400-$600 that I did not plan on spending, but I’ll just tap into the funds I recently made through selling photos, which was the funding source for the R-D1 in the first place. The cycle continues… 

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