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Day 2, Time warp in Tallinn

click here for the photos

click here for the photos

It is just after midnight.

Saori is sacked out after taking a shower, and I did a little wandering after we checked in to the hotel.  The Old Town area of Tallinn looks to be beautiful.  I took some photos, and now I’ll take a shower and hit the hay myself.  No alarm being set for tomorrow, this is a vacation.   🙂

07:43 – Woke up about an hour ago after a very solid nights sleep.

Spent a glorious hour just lying in bed enjoying the feeling of having no schedules and no deadlnes.  Saori is in the bathroom getting ready to go while I am lying on the bed typing this out.  The weather looks to be really good again, light high clouds with quite a few patches of blue sky poking through even at this early hour.

No real plan for today other than to wander the streets throughout old town and soak up the traditional architecture, local food, and of course local beer.  Saori is just about ready now (07:46) so I will sign off for now.

11:46 pm – What a day!  Had a great breakfast at the hotel at 08:00, from there we started wandering though Old Town Tallinn.  Made a circuit of pretty much the entire place by 2 pm, even with stopping off at a coffee shop for cappuchina, cake, and a beer.  The part I enjoyed the most was being able to get up close and experience the medieval architecture.  There is a certain “authenticity” to some of the structures I saw today that made them feel more directly connected to history that what I saw when I was in London a few years back.

Took a lot of pictures, and generally just enjoyed the perfect weather.  We went back to the hotel at 2 pm, planning to take an hours nap.  That hour turned into six hours, and we then caught a late dinner near the hotel.  I had a Cinnamon beer (sounds bad but was delicious) with salmon, barley, and beans.  Saori had stewed lamb with barley and beans.

We’re thinking abou going to Club Hollywood since it is located right ocross the square from our hotel, but then again we may give it a miss and just get some rest.  It’s supposed to be a very cool place, but I’m not that interested in waking up with a hangov er tomorrow morning.  Instead, I’ll liky go to sleep soon, wake up extra early due to jet-lag and then go take some more early moring photos prior to checking out from the hotel and catching the ferry to Hellsinki to see what Finland has to offer.

Estonia has been great though.  Beautiful weather, more hsitorical buildings that you can shake a stick at, and extremely friendly people.  This is a place I would not mind coming back to in the future.  The guy at the coffee shop said that Old Town Tallinn is like a mini version of Praha.  If that really is the case then I guess I will really love Praha!

OK, off to bed with me so I can get an early start tomorrow and capture more Estonian light befor catching the ferry back to Helsinki.

ps: The Sony NEX-5 has performed brilliantly so far.  As I had guessed, the 16mm prime has been pretty much glued on to date, and when i need a tighter shot I pull out the Sigma DP2 with it;s 41mm perspective.  I am very happy to have chosen to travel light versus going for the absolute maximum in image quality that a more bulky camera would have provided.

  1. Natasha Bykova
    March 19, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    Beautiful! Awakes my memories…I love Tallinn!!

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